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Gidget the Australian Shepherd

April 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Dog photo shoot in Denver ColoradoDog photo shoot in Denver ColoradoAustralian shepherd dog on front porch of Washington Park, Denver home

True to her breed, Gidget loves herding sheep. Unfortunately, she was a little too aggressive with sheep when she was a pup. With that in mind, her breeder found her a loving home in Denver. Her Washington Park neighborhood doesn't have a sheep in sight! Instead, Gidget burns off her energy with lots of walks, toys, and time at Wash Bark dog daycare. She has so much love and attention, I bet she's forgotten about sheep. 

Australian shepherd dog denverAustralian shepherd dog denverRelaxed Australian shepherd dog hanging out on front porch, crossing paws in a very ladylike way

Gidget's red merle coat and two different colored eyes are adorable! She also has a very ladylike way of crossing her paws. Last but not least, we also made sure to get a portrait of Gidget and her person.

Aussie dog and owner DenverAussie dog and owner DenverDog and owner sitting in doorway of Washington Park, Denver, Colorado home

Chocolate Point Siamese cat

March 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Siamese catSiamese catChocolate Point Siamese cat by books

Rooney's family has a soft spot for Siamese cats. They put their name on a wait list at Dumb Friends League to be notified about adoptable Siamese kittens and were eventually matched with Rooney. I photographed their other Siamese cats a few years ago (See those photos) so they wanted a metal print of their new kitty to hang with matching ones of their other cats. 

We had a short window of time for the photo shoot because it was a surprise gift. Rooney didn't get the "hurry" memo. She hung out under the couch for a good long time until she trusted me. That's pretty much par for the course with cats. Our patience paid off because once she decided she was ready, Rooney was picture-perfect!

Chocolate Point Siamese catChocolate Point Siamese catChocolate Point Siamese cat sunning itself in window
After the photos were taken, the challenge was to pick one that would match the existing art. I mocked up a bunch of ideas with my interior design software so they could visualize how they would look and we played around with ways to arrange the four photos on their wall. They picked this arrangement with Rooney in front of the bookshelves.

Photo-display-idea-DenverPhoto-display-idea-DenverMockup of photo display idea for kitchen Chocolate Siamese catChocolate Siamese cat


In memory of this family's (late) cat, Lucy, who passed since I took her photo in 2015, here's a bittersweet closing thought:

"No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch".
- Leo Dworkin

Cat takes over dogs' photo shoot

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Cat peeking around chairCat peeking around chairCat peeking around chair Pet photography is always a little unpredictable but that's exactly what keeps it exciting. Zola the "very shy" cat was a happy surprise because she was actually very friendly! We figured Zola would hide while I photographed the family's three dogs but she was comfortable in front of the camera. With a little help from crinkle toys, we convinced her that it was OK to walk on the table where she's normally not allowed. Of course, she was happiest of all when she got to hang out on the bed with the dogs locked out of the room. She's a smart cat because she effectively got us to pay 100% attention to her. When you have three "brothers," you do what you have to do!

Cat on person's bedCat on person's bedCat on person's bed

Another happy surprise was that the family's King Charles Spaniels, Edgar and Oliver, posed together like pros. I often hesitate to promise a shot of two dogs together because it's tricky if the dogs aren't onboard. These two pups grew up together and are very bonded so it wasn't a problem at all.

Two King Charles dogs denverTwo King Charles dogs denverTwo King Charles dogs denverTwo King Charles dogs denver Oliver enjoys looking out the window which I think is adorable!

King Charles looking out windowKing Charles looking out windowKing Charles looking out window

Often there's a "Murphy's Law" element in dog photography and this time it was that Negan, the Malamute, had just started blow his coat. It was a bit of a surprise since it was early February. Negan had just turned one year old so this is the first time his people have had to deal with clumps of fur all over the house. The shedding started on his back sides so we concentrated on head and shoulder shots where he still had majestic fluffy fur. He's such a pretty boy!

Malamute dog Denver ColoradoMalamute dog Denver ColoradoMalamute dog photograph Denver Colorado   King Charles dog denverKing Charles dog denverKing Charles dog

Wash Bark's Dog of the Month

January 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I've been taking Dog of the Month photos for Wash Bark dog daycare and I've met some of the sweetest dogs in the neighborhood. Here are some of the past winners. I just took the next batch of portraits but I'm not going to spoil the surprise of who's next. You'll have to take your pup to Wash Bark and see for yourself!

Washington Park Australian ShepherdWashington Park Australian ShepherdWashington Park Denver, Australian Shepherd Gidget

Washington park German ShepherdWashington park German ShepherdWashington park Denver, German Shepherd

Washington Park dog daycareWashington Park dog daycareWashington Park Denver dog daycare Oscar

Washington park Border CollieWashington park Border CollieWashington park Denver, Border Collie

Washington Park Boston TerrierWashington Park Boston TerrierWashington Park Denver, Boston Terrier

Merry Christmas from Murphy

December 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Murphy-xmas-lights-1Murphy-xmas-lights-1Golden retriever in car looking at Christmas lights

My golden loves any excuse to ride in the car. Next to fetching his tennis ball, riding in the car is one of his favorite activities. 

It took a couple nights of location scouting before we finally found the perfect tree for this photo. My original idea was the Civic Center holiday lights but I quickly realized that there were too many safety considerations on such a busy downtown street. When we finally found this decorated spruce tree, we double-parked and my husband made sure Murphy stayed in position while I got the shot. Murphy was pretty happy about the steady flow of treats being passed though the window to bribe him. Best car ride ever!