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Cat on person's bedCat on person's bedCat on person's bed

Another happy surprise was that the family's King Charles Spaniels, Edgar and Oliver, posed together like pros. I often hesitate to promise a shot of two dogs together because it's tricky if the dogs aren't onboard. These two pups grew up together and are very bonded so it wasn't a problem at all.

Two King Charles dogs denverTwo King Charles dogs denverTwo King Charles dogs denverTwo King Charles dogs denver Oliver enjoys looking out the window which I think is adorable!

King Charles looking out windowKing Charles looking out windowKing Charles looking out window

Often there's a "Murphy's Law" element in dog photography and this time it was that Negan, the Malamute, had just started blow his coat. It was a bit of a surprise since it was early February. Negan had just turned one year old so this is the first time his people have had to deal with clumps of fur all over the house. The shedding started on his back sides so we concentrated on head and shoulder shots where he still had majestic fluffy fur. He's such a pretty boy!

Malamute dog Denver ColoradoMalamute dog Denver ColoradoMalamute dog photograph Denver Colorado   King Charles dog denverKing Charles dog denverKing Charles dog

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) alaskan malamute denver cat dog photo shoot denver colorado cats aren't hard to photograph cavalier king charles spaniel photos domestic shorthair cat photo shoot king charles dog king charles spaniel dog denver http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2018/2/cat-photo-shoot Sun, 11 Feb 2018 00:01:48 GMT
Wash Bark's Dog of the Month http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2018/1/wash-barks-dog-of-the-month I've been taking Dog of the Month photos for Wash Bark dog daycare and I've met some of the sweetest dogs in the neighborhood. Here are some of the past winners. I just took the next batch of portraits but I'm not going to spoil the surprise of who's next. You'll have to take your pup to Wash Bark and see for yourself!

Washington Park Australian ShepherdWashington Park Australian ShepherdWashington Park Denver, Australian Shepherd Gidget

Washington park German ShepherdWashington park German ShepherdWashington park Denver, German Shepherd

Washington Park dog daycareWashington Park dog daycareWashington Park Denver dog daycare Oscar

Washington park Border CollieWashington park Border CollieWashington park Denver, Border Collie

Washington Park Boston TerrierWashington Park Boston TerrierWashington Park Denver, Boston Terrier

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) dog of the month at wash bark wash bark denver dog daycare washington park denver dog photographer http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2018/1/wash-barks-dog-of-the-month Wed, 31 Jan 2018 16:19:56 GMT
Merry Christmas from Murphy http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/12/merry-christmas-from-murphy Murphy-xmas-lights-1Murphy-xmas-lights-1Golden retriever in car looking at Christmas lights

My golden loves any excuse to ride in the car. Next to fetching his tennis ball, riding in the car is one of his favorite activities. 

It took a couple nights of location scouting before we finally found the perfect tree for this photo. My original idea was the Civic Center holiday lights but I quickly realized that there were too many safety considerations on such a busy downtown street. When we finally found this decorated spruce tree, we double-parked and my husband made sure Murphy stayed in position while I got the shot. Murphy was pretty happy about the steady flow of treats being passed though the window to bribe him. Best car ride ever!


karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) christmas lights colorado dog christmas light photo dog christmas lights denver dog photo christmas card dog photographers christmas card golden retriever christmas lights denver holiday dog photo idea outdoor christmas light display dog http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/12/merry-christmas-from-murphy Wed, 20 Dec 2017 17:46:21 GMT
Brussels Griffon http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/11/brussels-griffon Brussels Griffon for the win!

Brussels-Griffon-1Brussels-Griffon-1Brussels Griffon Denver Colorado

A Brussels Griffon won Best in Show at the National Dog Show this past weekend. That reminded me of Okie the Brussels Griffon I photographed a few years ago. Isn’t he handsome? 

I have the useless talent of predicting the Best in Show winner almost every year. My method is basically to go with my gut. It isn’t very scientific but this year I correctly chose the Brussels Griffon. I suspect I was influenced by my experience with cute, little Okie.

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) bearded dog brussels griffon brussels griffon beard brussels griffon colorado brussels griffon denver brussels griffon dog photographer ewok dog small dog with beard http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/11/brussels-griffon Tue, 28 Nov 2017 19:10:03 GMT
Tucker's photo shoot at Silo Park http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/10/silo-park Terrier dog photo DenverTerrier dog photo Denver
It's been said that Tucker's fur resembles owl feathers. I'm pretty sure he's not part bird but he certainly has one of the most eye-catching coats I've ever seen. Tucker's teddy bear face says Terrier or Schnauzer to me. He was adopted from Animal Rescue of the Rockies. One of the many reasons I love rescue dogs is you never know exactly what kind of awesomeness you'll find. His family says he's a sweet lovebug who enjoys belly rubs and snuggling. Another unusual thing about Tucker is that he's only 9 months old but he often acts like an old soul. His family jokes that he's aging backwards, like Benjamin Button. 

Terrier dog photographyTerrier dog photography Terrier mix dog photo shootTerrier mix dog photo shoot We took Tucker's photos at Silo Park, one of my favorite locations. This boardwalk is scenic well into the winter. Check out these photos from late November and you'll see what I mean. It's perfect for dog portraits, even after the leaves fall.

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) beautiful dog coat markings dog with unusual coat pattern greenwood village dog photographer silo park greenwood village terrier mix dog denver terrier schnauzer mix denver unique dog coat http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/10/silo-park Tue, 31 Oct 2017 17:37:00 GMT
Leash Removal http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/10/leash-removal "I don't trust my dog off-leash."

A common concern is people wanting to keep their dogs leashed for an outdoor photo shoot. That's actually smart because, in addition to leash laws, dogs are much safer on leash. There are so many distractions at the park; squirrels, bunnies, bikes, other dogs and even disgusting things like goose poo. I totally get it because my dog is the most distracted of them all. I literally keep him on a short leash so he can't get into trouble. Even though it may appear that dogs are off-leash in my photos, it's usually because I've removed them in post-production. Here are a few examples of leashes I've edited out of photos.

leash removal denverleash removal denverexample of leash removal Beagle leash in photoBeagle leash in photoBeagle dog photography retouching On leash at Wash Park DenverOn leash at Wash Park DenverOn leash at Wash Park Denver

Unfortunately, there's no magic leash-removal button in Photoshop. Since it always looks more natural if a photo doesn't need excessive retouching, I've developed some tricks to hide the leash in the first place. One way is to position the leash so it falls down the back of the dog and along the ground. This has the added benefit of hiding the dog tags. Since the leash attaches to the tag ring, when you place it in back, the dog's rabies tag is out of view. Another tip is to remove the tags and put them in your pocket until we're done taking photos. I'll walk you through all these tips at your photo shoot. All you need to remember now is that is the leash and tags can be hidden.

On leash at park DenverOn leash at park DenverOn leash at park Denver

When I'm retouching, I also remove other background distractions, such as this wooden pole.

Red and white setter on leash denverRed and white setter on leash denverRed and white setter on leash denver

Couple with dog photo DenverCouple with dog photo Denver"Couple with dog photo Denver"

If a dog is getting photographed with its family, it's even easier. I simply have them sit on the leash. That way they can pet and interact with their dog without having the end of the leash in their hands. In these photos, Alice's family is sitting on her leash. If a squirrel or other distraction had appeared, she would have be safely tethered. 
Dog Family photo ColoradoDog Family photo ColoradoDog Family photo Colorado ​​

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) before and after leash removal dog leash removal dog photography retouching leash removal leash removal retouching leash retouching pet photography retouching post-processing dog photos remove a dog leash retouching out leashes http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/10/leash-removal Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:13:04 GMT
Border Collie Puppy http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/9/border-collie-puppy Border collie pupBorder collie pupBorder collie pup Zahra the border collie and her person were both head-turners as we took photos around their stylish neighborhood. At 11 weeks old, Zahra is just as smart as she is cute. She's in training to be a therapy dog for people with anxiety. I have no doubt she will be a huge success and help many people! 

Framed photo of border collie puppyFramed photo of border collie puppyFramed photo of border collie puppy We got special permission to photograph Zahra in her condo's courtyard. Once inside the walled garden, she raced around at warp speed, tried to eat the lavender and even fell in the pond. Gee, I have no idea why dogs aren't normally allowed in that garden... But seriously, she didn't permanently harm anything with her soft little puppy paws. She was just super excited to be off leash and explore. 

Of all the features in the garden, my eye went to a wood shed door that had been perfectly weathered. I love its simplicity and how it complements Zahra's fur. The photo with Zahra looking up is a custom framed 16x20 print. The photo with her person is a 24x30 canvas wrap with a float frame. Both of the frames have a rustic wood grain that complements the wood in the photo.  Canvas-float-frameCanvas-float-framePhoto of puppy on framed Canvas wrap We also included her person's favorite bike and boots in the photos. Border collie puppy and bikeBorder collie puppy and bike

Just for fun, here are some questions that Zahra’s person answered about her:

Breed: Border Collie
Favorite food: Baked salmon
Favorite toy: Her squeaky chipmunk!
Best trick: Responding immediately to "Go find your toy!" and bringing it back to play
Most annoying habit: Eating the rug
If Zahra had a job, what would it be? She already has one! She's in training to be a therapy dog helping people with anxiety, and comes to work daily with me.
If Zahra was a superhero, what would her special power be? She would be able to control the minds of both humans and dogs just using her eyes.
Extra-curricular activity that nobody would guess? People-watching at coffee shops
Nicknames? Z-Bear, Wiggle Sauce, Snuggle Butt

Border collie puppy coffee tableBorder collie puppy coffee tablePuppy on coffee table shelf Zahra had some ideas of her own where she should be photographed. One of her favorite spots is the bottom shelf of the coffee table so, of course, we took photos of her there. 

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) border collie puppy border collie puppy denver congress park denver dog photographer cowboy boots and puppy puppy therapy dog therapy dog border collie therapy dog denver therapy dog for anxiety http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/9/border-collie-puppy Sun, 24 Sep 2017 01:40:07 GMT
Silver Lab Puppy http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/9/silver-lab-puppy Lab Puppy on red chairLab Puppy on red chairLab Puppy on red chair It's an exciting day when a puppy joins his new family. I was lucky enough to document Desmond on his second day home. Like most puppies, he was either racing around at the speed of light or sound asleep. Puppies are either on or off! 

Silver lab puppy runningSilver lab puppy running The family's girls are at a perfect age for a new pup because they are definitely old enough to remember Desmond's homecoming and help with his training. It was a privilege to watch them bond with the sweet pup. I hope they cherish these photos when they are in college and Desmond is a sweet old dog.

Silver lab puppy and girlSilver lab puppy and girl Two month old lab puppy and girlTwo month old lab puppy and girlTwo month old lab puppy and girl Silver lab puppySilver lab puppy Cute little gray lab puppyCute little gray lab puppy8 week old gray lab puppy

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) denver puppy photographer gray lab puppy denver silver lab puppy silver lab puppy denver http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/9/silver-lab-puppy Fri, 08 Sep 2017 22:52:54 GMT
Moshi the golden retriever http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/9/moshi-the-golden-retriever Happy Golden retrieverHappy Golden retriever

I was so happy when Moshi's person wanted her photo shoot on South Gaylord St. I'm normally not a morning person but it was worth popping out of bed for this sweet dog. Just after sunrise there aren't many distractions in the neighborhood so it's a perfect time for dog portraits. 

Golden retriever Wash ParkGolden retriever Wash Park

It also makes me happy when people get their dog's photo taken in the prime of their life. Moshi is 3 years old and, as you can see, she's a cheerful and youthful beauty!

Golden retriever summer plantersGolden retriever summer planters

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) 3 year old golden retriever wash park denver dog young golden retriever http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/9/moshi-the-golden-retriever Fri, 01 Sep 2017 23:09:11 GMT
Denver Dog Photographer: Wash Park http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/8/Denver-Dog-Photographer-wash-park Tido the Bichon

Bichon Wash ParkBichon Wash Park Have you seen the new bike/pedestrian lanes at Wash Park? I've been dreaming up ways to photograph them since I first saw them. When I met Tido, the Bichon, I knew he'd look stunning against the bold pattern. 11-year-old Tido was very well-mannered and happy to strike a pose along the median stripe. I think it suits his fearless personality. After all, he was wearing a Walking Dead dog collar. He's a tough little dude even if he is a bit fluffy on the outside.

If you're concerned about how safe Tido was on this busy bike path, don't worry. Tido was protected because his person was holding his leash just a few feet away and a friend was spotting for bikes. In this photo, I retouched out the leash and people but they were there, keeping Tido safe.

Bichon Washington Park gardenBichon Washington Park garden

Wash Park also has magnificent gardens and they are gorgeous in August. If you've been thinking about this location, it's not too late for summer photos. The flowers will bloom well into September.

Bichon in black carBichon in black carWhite Bichon frise dog in black car Tido has so much stamina for an 11-year-old dog. He was like the Energizer Bunny with his fluffy tail wagging non-stop. It was a pleasure to spend a beautiful summer evening with him!

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) bichon denver bichon washington park denver dog photos at washington park new bike lanes at washington park http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/8/Denver-Dog-Photographer-wash-park Thu, 24 Aug 2017 16:16:07 GMT
K-9 Kara joins Colorado Mounted Rangers http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/8/k-9-kara Pit bull Colorado Mounted RangerPit bull Colorado Mounted RangerPit bull Colorado Mounted Ranger

I recently had the honor of photographing a K-9 police dog at her badging ceremony. Animal Farm Foundation rescued Kara from a shelter and then Universal K9 trained her for narcotics detection and tracking. She is the first K-9 member of the Colorado Mounted Rangers and the first pit bull K-9 in Colorado. 

K9 Kara pit bullK9 Kara pit bullK9 Kara pit bull at the Parker Arts Center in Parker, Colorado

Kara was a total love to photograph! The Colorado Mounted Rangers, her trainer, her new handler and the folks that sponsored her training were all together for her swearing-in ceremony. Kara has quite the adoring fan club! It was heartwarming to see the deep bond she already has with Dawn, her handler. I'm sure they will do great things together!

K9 pit bullK9 pit bullK9 pit bull

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) colorado mounted rangers k9 dog first pit bull detection dog k9 unit colorado narcotics detection dog rescue dog police k9 http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/8/k-9-kara Wed, 16 Aug 2017 17:37:45 GMT
Denver Dog Photographer: South Gaylord http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/7/denver-dog-photographer-wash-park Dog Washington Park shops DenverDog Washington Park shops DenverGolden retriever visits South Gaylord St. Denver CO

Murphy and I have been taking early morning walks to beat the summer heat. I've noticed the neighborhood shops look especially lovely at sunrise. South Gaylord Street is somewhat sleepy at dawn which is perfect for dogs who might get distracted by evening crowds. I would love to do a morning photo shoot there. The lush planters are stunning this time of year!

Dog South Gaylord DenverDog South Gaylord DenverDog South Gaylord Denver

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) denver photo opportunities denver photo opps dog walk denver early morning summer walk photo ops denver south gaylord st denver summer dog photos summer photo shoot idea wash park dog photographer washington park photo ops http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/7/denver-dog-photographer-wash-park Mon, 31 Jul 2017 15:22:26 GMT
Need a little interior decorating help? http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/7/need-a-little-interior-decorating-help Kitchen wall art ideasKitchen wall art ideas
Would you like help visualizing what your photos will look like in your home? At your ordering session, l can mock up your pet's photos on an image of your wall. We'll scale them up and down so you're confident you're getting the right size for your space. We can try out frame/mat combinations to your heart's content. I also have physical samples that you can look at and touch. I'll take away the guesswork to make sure you'll be pleased with your new wall art!

Bedroom wall art displayBedroom wall art displaybedroom photo ideas

Stair wall photo displayStair wall photo displayStairway art display

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) display your pets photos dog art wall display gallery wall ideas hanging photos along stairs interior decorating help photo display mock up photo display wall wall art mock up wall photo display http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/7/need-a-little-interior-decorating-help Thu, 20 Jul 2017 22:59:45 GMT
Adopt an older dog - like Molly! http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/7/adopt-an-older-dog Golden retriever oldGolden retriever old12 year old golden retriever

When she was 11 years old, Molly's person died and she needed a new home. It took a bit of time but she found a wonderful new family who absolutely adores her. When they first met Molly she jumped up into the back of their Jeep, as if she was signaling that she was ready to go home with them. It was love at first sight for both parties!

There's a lot to love about Molly. She has a gentle nature, loves children and is very devoted to her new family. She's a happy, intelligent dog. She's 12 years old now but she's still spry and enjoys chasing tennis balls. Even her nicknames make me smile - "Miss Universe" and "Princess Tinkerbell."

Don’t be afraid of adopting an older dog because you could hit the jackpot - like Molly’s family did! 

Golden retriever 12 years oldGolden retriever 12 years oldgeriatric Golden retriever

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) 12 year old golden retriever adopt a senior dog adopting an older dog http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/7/adopt-an-older-dog Sat, 15 Jul 2017 14:47:43 GMT
Golden gala http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/6/golden-gala Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies Gala dogGolden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies Gala dogGolden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies Gala dog

Once again, I photographed the fundraising event of my favorite dog rescue - Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR). Why is it my favorite? Oh, maybe because it's where I got my dog, Murphy. Plus, they know how to throw an incredible party! This year's theme was "Jackpot... GRRR turns 21!" Recently, GRRR has been rescuing golden retrievers from Turkey - one of whom is named Jackpot.

Yasemin Baban from Istanbul TurkeyYasemin Baban from Istanbul TurkeyYasemin Baban from Istanbul Turkey Yasemin Baban came all the way from Istanbul to speak at the gala. Yasemin has saved the lives of nearly 1,000 golden retrievers from the forest, streets and shelters of Istanbul, Turkey. Yasemin and her volunteers work with Turkish shelters to rescue golden retrievers and get them ready for plane rides to their destinations. It was heartwarming to see Yasemin meet the people who had sponsored and adopted dogs that she had sent to Denver. It was a once in a lifetime chance for the dogs' new families to meet Yasemin and let her know how much they LOVE their new dogs! 

Officer Corey Averill dash golden retrieverOfficer Corey Averill dash golden retrieverK9 Unit Auraria Campus Police Department dog

Another highlight was meeting Dash, a GRRR dog who is part of the Auraria Campus Police Department. Dash and his handler, Officer Corey Averill, are the  K9 Unit for the campus, focusing on explosives detection. I wish I had more time to take photos of Dash. I'll have to see if I can get myself invited back to photograph him working. It's somewhat fascinating to me that a dog from the same rescue as my nutty dog is a productive, working dog. Not that I don't love my Murphy but he's better at squirrel patrol than bomb sniffing. (Read more about Dash in this fun article from CU Denver.)

silent auction golden retrieversilent auction golden retrieversilent auction golden retriever gala The silent and live auctions are always a big part of the fun at the gala.

GRRR gala live auctionGRRR gala live auctionGRRR gala live auction To see all the photos from the gala, click here.

If you thinking about adding a Golden Retriever to your family, do yourself a favor and check out Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies!

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) Auraria Campus Police dog Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies Gala K9 Program Auraria Campus K9 bomb sniffer dog Dash Tivoli dog rescue fundraiser Turkey Dogs Colorado Yasemin Baban auction golden retriever gala http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/6/golden-gala Wed, 21 Jun 2017 00:03:56 GMT
Where's the best place to photograph a cat? http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/5/best-spot-for-cat-photos Gray catGray catPretty gray cat sitting on bathroom counter
Why did I take Jasmine’s photo in the bathroom? Because that’s where she was hanging out. The best place to photograph a cat is where they want to be.

Cat Photography Rule #1 - Let cats do their own thing. They will look much more natural that way.

Jasmine wasn't in the mood for visitors when I arrived because the house had been staged for real estate showings and her familiar furniture had been moved around. She was hiding in the bathroom so I suggested that we see what she was up to in there. It turns out it was an especially lovely bathroom, complete with fresh orchids. She was happily sitting on the sink so that's where I photographed her. In the end, we lured Jasmine downstairs with a special kitty snack and I took more photos of her and her "sister," Chloe. 

Chloe and Jasmine aren't related but they are almost identical gray cats. Their family adopted from Dumb Friends League on the same day. The family has two boys and each brother has his own gray cat. How fair is that? One sweet gray kitty per boy.

Golden retriever on porchGolden retriever on porchGolden retriever on porch

Dog Photography Rule #1 - Let dogs do their own thing. They will look much more natural that way.

Are you surprised that my photography rule is the same for cats and dogs? It's true that you can bribe dogs more easily but the family's golden retriever, Hannah, looked the happiest when she was in her favorite spot on the porch. Hannah was adopted from Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue and she's one of the sweetest goldens I've ever met. She is such a docile and calm dog. I could rub her belly all day!

Gray cat DenverGray cat DenverCat portrait Denver Colorado photographer

Gray cat denverGray cat denverGray cat on chair

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) American shorthair cat Cat photographer Denver Cat photographer Observatory Park Denver Cat photography Colorado Cat portrait Denver Denver dumb friends rescue cat GRFR rescue dog Golden retriever on porch best place to take photos of your cat candid cat photos candid dog photos cat photo Denver gray cat with yellow eyes where to photograph a cat http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/5/best-spot-for-cat-photos Tue, 30 May 2017 14:33:03 GMT
Rio & Copa http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/5/cat-photoshoot “It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can't see.” – Eleanor Farjeon

Cat looking around cornerCat looking around cornerCat looking around corner Rio and Copa were adopted within a few weeks of each other and the rescue warned they might not get along. They adapted to each other uncommonly well and now they are best buddies. They are both so playful!  During their photo shoot, they were very curious about my camera equipment - batting at their reflection in the lens and playing hide and seek with the reflector. They would be very entertaining to have as pets!

Cat photography by Karen HoglundCat photography by Karen HoglundCat photography by Karen Hoglund cat walkingcat walkingCat walking

Black and white catBlack and white catBlack and white cat lounging around rug Fun Fact: This photo shoot was in Chicago! I often get referrals but usually not across state lines. I photographed Rio & Copa's cat "cousins" last fall and that's how their people heard about me.

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) Denver cat photographer cat photo shoot Chicago cat photography cat photoshoot professional cat photography http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/5/cat-photoshoot Thu, 18 May 2017 00:18:33 GMT
Furry Scurry 2017 http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/5/furry-scurry-2017 Furry Scurry Paw School Washington ParkFurry Scurry Paw School Washington Park2017 Furry Scurry Dog agility demos at Washington Park

It takes a really good reason to get me up early on a Saturday. Furry Scurry, Dumb Friends League's annual fundraising walk, was definitely worth popping out of bed for because I adopted my first dog from Dumb Friends. Plus, I always enjoy hanging out with the folks from Paw School. Their agility demos are always a blast to photograph! I saw some of my favorite old dogs and met some new friends. What a perfect way to spend Saturday morning!

See more photos of the agility demo at karenhoglundphotography.com/furryscurry2017

Paw School agility demos at Furry Scurry Washington ParkPaw School agility demos at Furry Scurry Washington ParkPaw School Denver agility demostrations at Washington Park Denver during the Denver Dumb Friends Furry Scurry fundraiser. Dog agility demos at Washington Park to benefit Dumb Friends League DenverDog agility demos at Washington Park to benefit Dumb Friends League DenverDog agility demos at Washington Park to benefit Dumb Friends League Denver

Dogs at Washington ParkDogs at Washington ParkDog agility photography at Washington Park Denver

karen@karenhoglundphotography.com (Karen Hoglund Photography) 2017 Furry Scurry Dog agility demos at Washington Park Dumb Friends League Denver Paw School Denver Wash Park Denver Washington Park Denver dog agility photographer Denver http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/5/furry-scurry-2017 Mon, 08 May 2017 02:10:35 GMT
Superpigs! http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/5/superpigs SuperPig guinea pigsSuperPig guinea pigsSuperPig giant guinea pigs Gizmo and Spot Spot are Superpigs. They aren't called that because they have superpowers or even because they are super cute. In Peru, guinea pigs are a staple food and scientists in Lima have bred guinea pigs to be super-sized (cover your pet's ears) for eating. Don't worry: Gizmo and Spot Spot are safe from this fate. They are beloved members of a pet-loving family and even had their own photo shoot. Their cousins in Peru are probably super jealous!

Guinea pig habitatGuinea pig habitatguinea pig house SuperPig guinea pigSuperPig guinea pigSuperPig big guinea pigs

guinea pig photographerguinea pig photographer Gizmo and Spot Spot went outside for a bit during their photo shoot because I knew they'd look adorable among the spring blooms. The daisy-like flower is Grecian windflower (Anemone blanda) and it's one of my favorite spring bulbs. The green ground cover is Bigroot Geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum). Later in the summer, it will get taller and have pink flowers. Right now it's the perfect height for guinea pigs.

big guinea pigsbig guinea pigs

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Irish Red and White Setter http://www.karenhoglundphotography.com/blog/2017/4/irish-red-and-white-setter Irish Red and White SetterIrish Red and White SetterIrish Red and White Setter In a blink of an eye, Ian the Irish Red and White Setter grew up into a magnificent dog! I photographed him when he was 11 weeks, when he was an adolescent, and again for his first birthday. He's such an athletic, noble-looking dog!

Man walking dog DenverMan walking dog DenverMan walking an Irish Red and White Setter Ian recently passed the Canine Good Citizen test. Look at this perfect example of loose leash walking.  Then-Now puppy irish setterThen-Now puppy irish setter

If you missed Ian's puppy photos, you can see them on my blog here

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