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Wheaten terrierWheaten terrierWheaten terrier Denver These two dogs look like they could be the same breed but they aren't even close. Schaffley, the dog on the red chair, is a Wheaten Terrier. Luke, the dog balancing the treat on his nose, is a goldendoodle. Their person says their personalities are true to their breeds - and very different from each other!

GoldendoodleGoldendoodleGoldendoodle dog balancing treat on nose

I find it intriguing that when I show a photo of a dog to children they usually ask "What's their name?' and when I show the same photo to adults they ask "What breed is he/she?" Both are legitimate questions but the kids are onto something. A name usually has an interesting story behind it or a hint of the pet's personality. These two dogs have interesting names. Schaffley the Wheaten Terrier is named after Schlafly beer. His person spelled it differently so that it would be easier to spell and pronounce. Luke the goldendoodle came with his name when he was adopted. If suited him so he got to keep his original name.

Wheaten Terrier and goldendoodleWheaten Terrier and goldendoodle Here they are together so you can see the scale of each breed. Luke is definitely larger than Schaffley. Not to complicate things but goldendoodles can come in a "mini" size, which means the poodle parent was a miniature poodle. It look like Luke's parents were a standard poodle and a golden retriever.  



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