Kuvasz puppy

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Kuvasz puppyKuvasz puppyHungarian Kuvasz puppy pet photographer Denver
It's a lot of pressure coming up with the perfect name for a puppy. After all, you will say a dog's name a million times during their lifetime, including literally yelling it out the back door. Bleu's new family was having a hard time agreeing on a name for the 8-week-old Kuvasz puppy until they were inspired by the color of his collar. His breeder had put different colored collars on each puppy in the litter so she could tell them apart. You guessed it... His collar was blue. Somehow, I have a feeling he will have blue collars for the rest of his life!

Bleu will probably need a bigger collar soon because he is growing fast. He will weigh over 100 pounds when he is full-grown. He is a Kuvasz which is an Hungarian dog breed used for guarding livestock. Kuvasz were bred to have white coats so shepherds could distinguish their dogs from wolves. Some people think Kuvasz run like a wolf, with a strong, but light-footed gait. When they trot, they seem to glide, with little up-and-down movement of the body. 

Kuvasz dog DenverKuvasz dog DenverKuvasz puppy Denver
It snowed a few days after Bleu arrived at his new home in Colorado so it was an absolutely perfect time for his puppy photo shoot. We tried out my new dog hat on Bleu. Super cute! 

Kuvasz puppy looks like polar bearKuvasz puppy looks like polar bearKuvasz puppy looks like polar bear

Fun facts about Bleu's littermates:

  • There were 10 puppies - 3 boys and 7 girls
  • Bleu was born in Fredericktown, Missouri. He traveled to Colorado by car with his sister, Scarlett, and her new family. Scarlett's family lives on a farm in Johnstown, CO.  
  • The Kuvasz breeder uses a gemstone theme for each litter. His is Jade. This means each dog in that litter has the same middle name: Jade. In other words, Bleu is Bleu Jade and his sister is Scarlett Jade. 

Kuvasz puppy ColoradoKuvasz puppy ColoradoKuvasz puppy dog Lion King pose
Bleu's "Lion King" pose.

Kuvasz puppyKuvasz puppy It will be fun to take Bleu's photo in the same chair when he is full-grown. I bet he will barely fit in this chair by his first birthday.

Kuvasz puppyKuvasz puppyKuvasz puppy photographer Denver This is what REALLY goes on at puppy photo shoots! My own dog used to give me the same look when he chewed on chair legs when he was younger. Maybe this is a good reminder that it's not so bad that puppies grow up.


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