Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

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Portuguese Podengo PequenoPortuguese Podengo PequenoPortuguese Podengo Pequeno dog Denver

Cheerful and charming Rival has a fan club wherever he goes. People always ask what kind of dog he is because he is a relatively rare breed. He's a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. His family hadn't heard of the breed until they saw a photo of one and were instantly smitten. After their beloved Yorkies passed away, they researched reputable breeders for Portuguese Podengo and found one in California. That's how Rival, previously destined to be a show dog, ended up in Colorado as a happy family pet. 

Here's what his family had to say about him:

Breed & age: 3 ½ year old Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (the smaller size of the breed)
Favorite food: His Aveno breakfast and dinner (canned and dry) 
Favorite toy: His squeaky ball.
Best trick: Retrieving.
Most annoying habit: He won’t come to me, but he will to my husband.
If Rival had a job, what would it be? Meeting humans.
If Rival were a superhero, what would his special power be? Protecting his Mom & Dad.
If Rival were a cartoon character, which one would he be? Daffy Duck.
Extra-curricular activity that nobody would guess? Running outside to watch every single person and dog that goes by.
Nicknames: Ry, Ry-Ry, Rivalry, Monkey Head

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno DenverPortuguese Podengo Pequeno DenverPortuguese Podengo Pequeno dog Denver Portuguese Podengo dogPortuguese Podengo dogPortuguese Podengo Pequeno dog Denver


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