Golden retriever puppy

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golden retriever puppygolden retriever puppyGolden retriever puppy photographer

It was a special treat for me to photograph a 12-week-old golden retriever puppy, especially since Gracie is a spitting image of my dog. It was fun to imagine what Murphy looked like when he was little since we didn't adopt him until he was 11 months old. Gracie's people met her when she was only ONE week old because Gracie's breeder is a close friend. They got to visit Gracie every week until she was old enough to bring home. How wonderful for all of them!

Even if your best friend isn't a dog breeder, it's important to meet at least one of your puppy's parents if you are getting them from a breeder. By meeting the parents, you can learn about their temperament, appearance, health and see how the puppies are being raised. 

Puppy photographer Denver golden retrieverPuppy photographer Denver golden retrieverPuppy photographer Denver Colorado Golden retriever puppy chewing on treeGolden retriever puppy chewing on tree12 week old Golden retriever puppy chewing on tree branch
My golden is a little bit naughty and chews on branches and sticks too. Gracie's person was quick to re-direct her attention but not before I snapped a photo.



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