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Cat Photographer DenverCat Photographer DenverCat Photographer Denver

You've gotta love a cat who's named after Albert Einstein! When he was a kitten, Albert had gray tufts of fur on the sides of his head and his weight was pi backwards, or 4.13 lbs. 

Cat Photography ColoradoCat Photography ColoradoCat lounging on armchair Albert's nickname is "liquid kitty" because he's so relaxed. I was worried he looked uncomfortable in this photo but his people said he was probably waiting for me to throw a toy. Apparently, he goes from "liquid kitty" to "psycho playful kitty" in a heartbeat. They said this pose shows the tension between the two sides of his personality. Now it makes sense why it's their favorite!

Here is a little fun trivia about Albert from his family:
Best trick: Trying to catch shadows on the wall
Most annoying habit: Running up and down the stairs, making more noise than his 12 lbs. should allow
If Albert had a job, what would it be? Paper weight
If Albert were a superhero, what would his special power be? Fur smokescreen emanating from his paws (He has big tufts of fur there)
If Albert were a Muppet, which one would he be? Janice, the blonde hippy in the band
Activity that nobody would guess? He’s so flexible. For example, laying down with back legs both facing outward or laying down with front paws on the floor while simultaneously having is back legs up in the air and belly exposed.
Nicknames? Liquid kitty (he’s so relaxed), Mister, Lovey 

Siamese cat with ball of red yarnSiamese cat with ball of red yarnSiamese cat with ball of red yarn Eva is the family's Siamese mix. They named her after the white, blue-eyed robot in the movie, Wall-E. You might notice that the tip of her left ear is missing. At first her new family wondered if she had been in a fight but the vet said that it is common to notch the ears of cats in feral colonies after they have been trapped, spayed/neutered and released.

cat photos denvercat photos denvercat photo denver Here's some fun trivia about Eva: 
Best trick: chasing her tail
Most annoying habit: howling in the middle of the night
If Eva had a job, what would it be? Bird watcher
If Eva were a superhero, what would her special power be? Paralyzing fish breath and/or laser eyes
If Eva were a Muppet, which one would she be? Animal
Activity that nobody would guess? Making a noise like a creaking door.
Nicknames? Eva Mocha Latte, Li'll Missy, Eeea-vaaaa (from Wall-E)

If you are getting déjà vu from Eva's Q & As, it might be because I took photos of her three years ago. You can see those photos again, here.


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