My DIY Year

April 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If you've been to my house lately to pick up your photos, you've probably noticed the construction zone. Last spring, my husband and I started a DIY remodel of our living room which has consumed most of our free time over the past year. It's all my fault because it started when I suggested that we paint the wood paneling. If I knew how many gallons of primer and Benjamin Moore Floral White were in my future, I may not have been so insistent! 

Naturally, the fresh paint made the old carpet look even more shabby so we ripped it up, revealing antiquated 1950s brown linoleum. It's kind of fun to imagine what our 1946 house looked like in its heyday in the 50s. It was kind of cool, except that they went nuts with the staple gun when they installed tile and carpet over it. That's when we saw DIY hardwood floors in "This Old House" magazine and thought it looked doable. Next thing you know, we literally had a ton of hardwood sitting in the middle of the room, waiting for us to install. Dan thought it was like a fun jigsaw puzzle that you put together with power tools. Murphy and I thought it was noisy and dusty! So it went until we had replaced practically every surface of the living room and surrounding areas.

Hallway-remodelHallway-remodelBefore and after photos of my golden retriever at door

We're about 90% done now. The hallway is the only part that's completely finished so here are some before and after photos of Murphy's favorite squirrel viewing spot. The more things change, the more they stay the same! 

In case you were wondering, the orange door is Sherwin-Williams Determined Orange. The print on the wall is by Janet Hill. I really admire her beautiful paintings! If you check out her Etsy shop, you'll see that's she is a dog lover as well.

hardwoodhardwoodHardwood floor about to be installed in my living room

Many late nights and weekends were filled with the sounds of the compressor. My very patient neighbors are probably glad that phase is over.

Hoglund-DIYHoglund-DIYDog during construction project Murphy is happy the noisy, dusty part of construction is over! Luckily, he's not afraid of loud noises but he was a little concerned about all his favorite napping spots being temporarily demolished. The tile was cool in the summer and was one of his favorite spots to sleep so I felt kind of guilty about replacing it with hardwood. There are plenty of new areas designed with his comfort in mind so don't feel too sorry for him.


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