Josh the Standard Poodle

April 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We've gotten our fair share of spring snowstorms this year. Luckily, the snow has been very photogenic. 14 year old Josh has always enjoyed blizzards because his person gets the day off from work and they live near a park that turns into a winter wonderland when it snows. Standard-poodle-karenhoglundStandard-poodle-karenhoglundDenver spring snowstorm

Here's a memoir about sweet Josh, written by his adoring person:

"Josh is a 14 year old Standard Poodle, and came to me via the Grand County Animal Shelter near Winter Park. He has completed multiple 14ers and is most at home in the outdoors where his velcro like hair picks up burs, leaves, and sticks which convey the terrain in which he's covered. Thus I have renamed his breed to the Western Mountain Poodle. He also has a distinctive 'goatee' which was grown early on after I became tired of responding to whether he was a boy or a girl.  Of course, in the park one day, one young boy was confused and asked me if Josh was a goat.

He is extremely intelligent and I believe he has an opposable thumb hidden somewhere which helps him open canisters, cupboards, coats, bags, and anything else he desires with ease. Hence when the vet asks what I feed my dog, I have to clarify the question to, "What do I feed my dog or what does my dog eat?" His favorite foods are bread products, squirrel poop, and rotten carcasses found in the open lands which Josh gets to roam.  

He doesn't really gravitate to toys, for those are for mere dogs..., and is the odd-man-out at the dog park when the rest of the dogs fetch a flying frisbee and Josh runs right by it. 

He's a funny creature for he's like a cat as he expresses his love somewhat conditionally. I ask him for a "kiss" and he turns his head away, further and further as my face slowly approaches.  His nicknames include Curly Beast, Flippy-Flappy-Floppy-Flippy (for his ears appear to bring him close to flight while running), and Goober Heimer as he destroys so many items in his quest for chocolate. 

He's a resilient creature as he has been bitten by a rattlesnake, had multiple cancer removal surgeries  from his elbow, and currently has a growing tumor in his chest, which we will leave. He is my buddy and I appreciate every day we have left together."

standard-poodle-snow-denver-dogstandard-poodle-snow-denver-dogStandard poodle after spring snowstorm


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