Paw School

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Bernese-Mountain-dog-jumpBernese-Mountain-dog-jump What's more fun than a room full of overjoyed dogs? Taking photos of them! "Take a picture, it will last longer" definitely applies because you can freeze the action. I love the unbridled enthusiasm of this agile Bernese Mountain Dog. What a happy dog!

Paw School, the newest dog training biz in Denver, recently commissioned me to take photos for their web site, wall art and marketing materials. Some of you may recognize the gym because they have been around for the past 5 years. Their franchise agreement recently ended so it was an opportune time for a new training curriculum and a new look. Lucky for their loyal fans, it's the same location and outstanding staff! 


Every dog was cuter than the last. I could have spent all day with this dalmatian puppy! Paw_School-KarenHoglundPaw_School-KarenHoglund

See what I mean about each dog being cuter than the last?

Basset-hound-hurdle-jumpBasset-hound-hurdle-jump Believe it or not, this basset hound had never tried agility before. She jumped over the bar like a pro!

Weave-pole-denver-dogWeave-pole-denver-dog Speaking of pros, check out this smooth weaving action!

bulldog-puppies-karenhoglundbulldog-puppies-karenhoglund Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any cuter, these 12-week-old bulldog puppies showed up.

Golden retriever puppyGolden retriever puppy

A huge thank you to all the dog models! Even though the first photo shoot was during a huge spring snowstorm, folks braved the weather and managed to arrive on time! I was impressed. 

Paw School Grand OpeningPaw School Grand Opening Here's the final artwork on the walls of Paw School!


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