French Bulldog puppy

June 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

French bulldog puppy blue fawnFrench bulldog puppy blue fawnFrench bulldog blue fawn
Petite little Avery is an 11-week-old French bulldog. The tan coloring on her body is called fawn. Her face has a bluish hue so her coloring is called blue-fawn. Why do I foresee nicknames that play off the word "Smurf?" Avery is her family's first dog so I'm sure she will get lots of affectionate nicknames. She is the cuddliest little bundle of love and her people are so excited about her!  French-bulldog-puppy-runningFrench-bulldog-puppy-running
We had a lot of fun with Avery on the neighborhood playground!


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