Great Danes: Heidi & Fergie

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Great Dane Photographer DenverGreat Dane Photographer DenverGreat Dane Denver

I absolutely love summer evenings! Everyone, including dogs, is so relaxed and happy. Heidi, age 8, is the cutie with the white coat and black face. Fergie, age 6, has a beautiful black merle coat. Both of them are stunning, majestic dogs. They got a lot of compliments the evening of their photo shoot!

Great Dane photoGreat Dane photoGreat Dane Photography

Here are some fun questions that Heidi and Fergie's person answered about them:

Breed & age: Heidi, Great Dane, 8 and Fergie, Great Dane, 6
Favorite food: Cheese, steak, chicken, peanut butter.
Favorite toy: Heidi - squeaky tennis balls and Fergie - giant bones.
Best trick: Supervising any cooking activity.
Most annoying habit: Being bed and couch hogs. Fergie is a very messy drinker, so her mouth turns into a waterfall every time.
If Heidi and Fergie had jobs, what would they be? Professional nappers.
If Heidi and Fergie were superheroes, what would their special powers be? Giving the irresistible "Great Dane look".
If Heidi and Fergie were cartoon characters, which ones would they be? Marmaduke or Calvin and Hobbes (or any best friend duo).
Nicknames? Heids, Fergs, the ladies, the girls, the divas.

Great DaneGreat Dane Great Dane profile photoGreat Dane profile photo

Heidi & Fergie's adoption story

How Heidi and Fergie ended up wandering around the Western Slope by themselves is anyone's guess. Luckily, Animal Rescue of the Rockies put the bonded pair up for adoption. When their person saw their photo online, she instantly knew they were the perfect dogs for her. Within short order, Heidi and Fergie were adopted together. Today, they are thriving in their happy new home! 


 Just for fun, here's a behind-the-scenes look at our photo shoot. 



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