Irish Red and White Setter puppy

July 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Irish-setter-red-white-puppyIrish-setter-red-white-puppyIrish red and white setter puppy You've probably heard of Irish Setters but did you know they used to come in red or white? Early breeders concentrated on the red variety and the red-and-white variety almost disappeared during WWI. Luckily, an Irish clergyman saved them from extinction! Today, Irish Red and White Setters are recognized as a separate breed from their "cousins" the Irish Setters. 

Ian is a Irish Red and White Setter. At 11 weeks old, he already has the angular muscles of a sporting dog and he is as sweet as can be! He had so much fun playing during his photo shoot.

puppy-Irish-setterpuppy-Irish-setterIrish red and white setter puppy Denver Colorado
Puppy-irish-setter-whitePuppy-irish-setter-white Irish-red-white-setterIrish-red-white-setterIrish red and white setter Ian will hunt pheasants someday but right now he is just bonding, attending puppy classes and enjoying his family. I'd love to take this same photo when Ian is full-grown and weighs between 60-70 pounds. Sometimes you don't realize how little a puppy is until you see the "after" photo.


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