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Karen started her pet photography business after twenty years working in creative industries. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and has professional experience as an art director for advertising agencies and a book publisher. Working with high-end clients, Karen came to understand the importance of composition and professionalism in her artistic work. In her laid-back and fun-loving style, Karen makes every session an enjoyable experience for you and your pet!  
Based in Denver, Karen loves spending time with her husband capturing the beautiful Colorado environment and her lovable golden retriever, Murphy’s, unique reactions to it.



Karen's photography style

Karen’s art background developed her unique and vibrant photography style. Her primary objective is to produce artwork that you want to hang in your home and that matches your personal aesthetic while also capturing the distinctive, quirky personality of your pet. Her artistic eye leans towards bold colors and simple compositions to allow the individuality of your pet to shine. 
Karen is inspired by:

  • Bright colors that complement an overall composition and highlight your pet.
  • Patterns in art, rugs, murals, or nature.  Although secondary to your pet in the photo, patterns bring a playful element to a photo composition.
  • Vintage cars offer beautiful shapes and colors and a unique spin to a work of art—even capturing two loves in one shot for some of you!

Karen will work with your personal style and taste to make sure that you end up with a set of photos that will work in your home and capture the spirit of your furry friend. 

Golden retriever photo DenverGolden retriever photo Denver

Call 720-238-3337 or e-mail  to reserve a photo shoot.