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French Bulldogs

December 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

French bulldogFrench bulldogCream colored French bulldog

Sometimes people talk smack about their dogs so when Beau and Teddy were described as grumpy and nervous, I took it with a grain of salt. Turns out, the pair of French Bulldogs are total loves! These friendly fellas were more than happy to pose for the camera and loved being petted. 

Teddy especially liked the sheepskin rug that I brought. It seemed he was trying to communicate that's what he wanted for Christmas. I wonder if Santa will leave him one under the tree? He doesn't really need one because he already has multiple comfy places to snooze, including his cushy dog bed and a cashmere blanket. He loves the blanket so much that his nickname is "Cashmere." The dog has good taste!

French bulldog brindleFrench bulldog brindleFrench bulldog brindle Beau loves finding sunshine to lie in. He will find the tiniest sliver of sunshine and sit in it. At one point during his photo shoot, the warm sun lulled him to sleep. 

French bulldogFrench bulldogFrench bulldog with Batman shadow Looks like Beau's secret identity is Batdog!

Frenchie brindleFrenchie brindle

Denver's weather was so mild this fall that we still had green grass in December!


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