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Garden cats

November 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

cat in garden denver photographercat in garden denver photographerBlack cat in autumn garden

My neighbor's cats love to hang out in my garden and I welcome their company. Artemis, the tuxedo cat, usually comes running up to me when she spots me. She's a sweet kitty who enjoys a little scratch at the base of her tail.

Kiki, the black cat, is usually more standoffish. She's a very good mouser so she's got a job to do when she's outdoors. One day, I was feeling a little blue and I think Kiki could sense it. She walked up to me, started rubbing against me and purring! She let me pet her for a long time which really warmed my heart. Then, she jumped up into the empty birdbath and made me laugh! She even stayed there long enough for me to grab my camera. I think she knew that a silly cat photo was just what I needed to comfort me that day. 

Black cat in bird bathBlack cat in bird bath


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