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Labradoodles: Dash & Lilly

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LabradoodleLabradoodleLabradoodle Dash and Lilly are cuddly labradoodles named for writers Dashiell Hammet and Lillian Hellman. It's been said that if Dash were a boy, he would be the kid in kindergarten who wears a bow tie and carries a brief case. And if Lilly were a girl, she'd be a middle school girl who likes lots of pink and likes to write in her diary. In case you are wondering, Dash is the handsome fella on the couch and Lilly is the beautiful white labradoodle wagging her fluffy tail.

white labradoodlewhite labradoodle

Here some fun facts about Dash and Lilly, as told by their person:

Breed and age: They are both labradoodles. Dash is 8 years old and Lilly is 7 years old. (Dash turns 9 on April 3 and Lilly turns 8 on June 1)

Dash's favorite food: SmartFood White Cheddar popcorn.  
Lilly's favorite food: what's in front of her

Best trick: Dash dances when he hears the leash jingle. He wiggles his butt, he pirouettes, he jumps up high!
Best trick: When Lilly hears a sneeze or a cough, she runs to the ailing person to see what she can do to help. We call her Nurse Lilly. (also could be her most annoying habit!)

If Dash had a job, he would be a counselor. He is an excellent listener, but he worries about others and can get sad too.
If Lilly had a job, she would be a movie star with a big entourage to take care of her every whim. 

Dash's super power is sniffing out chicken. He is allergic to poultry, but the minute I take the chicken out of the refrigerator, he is right next to me.

Lilly's super power is eating her brother's bowl of food when no one is looking.

Nicknames: Lillabird,  Dashie, Lil, Dashie-doo. The Doodles.

Extra curricular habit: Dash buries bones in the backyard. He likes to snag the bone from me, run to the backyard and find the perfect spot for the bone. He runs all over the yard before deciding on the right spot. Then he digs them up days or even weeks later. After he digs one up he runs to his pet cot in the back yard to settle in for a good chewing session. If Lilly is in the backyard at the same time, she watches him dig the bone up and then walks over to the empty hole. She puts her whole nose in the hole! She is quite disappointed that there isn't a bone there for her. 

Lilly sleeps with her head across my feet. Every night it happens. I turn out the lights and get in bed. Then I hear her stand up from where she has been lying on the floor sleeping, she walks to the bed, jumps up and settles in across the bottom of the bed and puts her head right on top of my feet. We are like a 90 degree angle.  

At the dog park when they run and are off leash, Lilly will sometimes get surrounded by other dogs. She doesn't like this at all. Dash will stop what he is doing and head over to where Lilly is and bring her to the other side of the park. It's pretty amazing to watch when it happens. When I clean Lilly's ears, if she gets unhappy, Dash will cry. When it is Lilly's turn in the tub, Dash sits next to me and keeps an eye on her. When we are at the vet, and the doc is examining Lilly, Dash barks and carries on. 

Dash and Lilly remind me of the British children's story Charlie and Lola. Charlie is the sensible older brother and Lola is the silly, get-into-mischief sister.  Charlie takes very good care of his little sister. Every episode starts, "I have a little sister Lola. She is small and very funny." If you don't know it, I recommend it. It is a sweet show! Check it out below.


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