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Murphy Monday

February 06, 2017  •  2 Comments

Introducing "Murphy Monday"

I realized I haven't been taking enough photos of my own dog lately so I'm going to start posting a photo of Murphy every Monday. My goal for "Murphy Monday" is to force myself to be more intentional about photographing Murphy, as well as stretch myself creatively. I'm going to try my hand at documentary-style photos, unconventional settings and, of course, attempt to capture his nutty personality. He's a quirky one so I promise it won't be boring!

Murphy at front doorMurphy at front doorGolden retriever at front door
Murphy is the Welcome Committee at our house. We've successfully trained him not to run out the front door when it's open. Unfortunately, his behavior isn't as exemplary once guests actually enter.


"Murphy Monday" was inspired by my photographer friend, Kathryn Schauer who posts a photo of her dog, Tucker, every Tuesday. I've enjoyed following "Tucker Tuesday" because my first dog was also a black lab and Kathryn's stunning portraits are downright inspiring. 

You'll be able to find "Murphy Monday" on this blog and also on my Facebook page.



Love this photo! Can't wait to see him every week!
Love this series! Looking forward to getting to know Murphy (and you!) a bit more through this series!
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