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Siddalee & Guinness

March 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Great Pyrenees English Setter German Shepherd Rottweiler mixGreat Pyrenees English Setter German Shepherd Rottweiler mix

Siddalee has some of the prettiest brown eyes I've ever seen! She came to Colorado from Texas when the Red River Humane Society brought her to a PetSmart adoption event. That was a lucky day for her because she ended up with a wonderful family! Next, Guinness joined the family. His people were interested in a Rottweiler so they looked at rescues online until they found Guinness at All Aboard Animal Rescue in Fort Collins. He was a puppy at the time and I bet he was beyond adorable. 

Great Pyrenees English Setter mixGreat Pyrenees English Setter mixGreat Pyrenees English Setter mix

Here are some fun questions Siddalee and Guinness's people answered about them:

Breed & age: The vet thinks she is a Border Collie mix but I think she is a Great Pyrenees/English Setter mix. She'll be 7 years old in June.
Favorite food: Anything she can get a hold of.
Favorite toy: She likes toys that squeak.
Most annoying habit: On our walks, getting into stuff she is not supposed to eat.
Best trick: Annoying me by barking until she is fed.
If she had a job, it would be a cat guard, to keep them under control as she does at our house.
If she were a cartoon character, she would be Fred the basset hound.
Nicknames: Girl, Baby Girl, Sid.
Best feature: Her beautiful light brown eyes.

German Shepherd Rottweiler mixGerman Shepherd Rottweiler mixGerman Shepherd Rottweiler mix

Breed & age: German Shepard/Rottie mix. He will be 4 years old this March.
Favorite food: Apples and carrots
Favorite toy: Siddalee's tail
Most annoying habit: Beating me to my place in bed and then having to move him over when I'm ready to go to sleep.
Best trick: Dancing with me.
If he had a job, it would be squirrel exterminator.
If he were a cartoon character, he would be Marmaduke, the dog.
Nicknames: Guinnie, Pretty boy, Boy.
Best feature: Ears, one up and one down.


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