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My backyard: Artistic license vs. Reality

June 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Murphy with his WubbaMurphy with his Wubba

You may look at this photo of my golden retriever and think, "Karen must have a nicer backyard than me." Ummm...probably not. I enjoy gardening in my front yard but my backyard has always been the domain of the dogs and a staging area for DIY projects. In other words, pretty average. If you look at the pull-back photo I snapped with my phone, you can see power wires, an air conditioning unit, garbage cans, dead patches in the lawn, etc. But with the right angle and framing, I made it look much better. I can do the same thing with your yard! 


Note: The right time of day makes a difference too. I didn't photograph the behind-the-scenes shot until an hour after the artistic shot. The bright Colorado sunshine can make or break a photo. Of course, the right camera settings help too. If I photograph your pets, let me worry about those details, while you enjoy how enhanced your backyard looks!

You may be asking yourself why it's not better to simply take photos at the park. Sometimes that is the best choice but, in my experience, dogs are much more comfortable in their own house and yard. There are pros and cons to photographing at home and at a park. During the planning session, we'll decide which will work best for your pets. For many folks, we start with photos at home and then walk to a nearby park - which is the best of both worlds. At any rate, don't discount your yard until I see it and let know you how I'd frame through the lens of my camera. You may end up surprised!


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