Karen Hoglund Photography | My Style


DogsDogs My style naturally leans towards bold colors and simple compositions. I love capturing the unexpected quirkiness of pets in candid images.

Things that inspire me:

Bright colors - I'm drawn to bright colors like a retriever to a tennis ball. 

Patterns - I love showcasing patterns in rugs, murals or in nature. They are always secondary to the animals but I think patterns bring a playful element to photos.

Vintage cars - I'm obsessed with the shapes and retro colors of vintage cars.

My background in fine art helped me develop my unique photography style. Being an art director  also taught me to be flexible enough with my style to give the client what they want and need. I will listen to you to find out what style of art you want hanging in your home. My goal is to capture your pet the way your heart sees them. I can't wait to work with you!

Call 720-238-3337 or e-mail me to set up a photo shoot in the Denver area.